I’ve been really called to create an accessible offer to help more people create more magic, abundance & healing in their lives by getting in touch with the divine & working with the cycles of the moon in collaboration with the transits occurring within your astrology chart (divine timing).

Moon rituals are a powerful way to connect to the universe to get into energetic alignment with your deepest desires.  Working with the moon cycles is an amazing way to get very intentional with your energy and channel them into a specific goal or outcome.

The ritual you receive will be very comprehensive and will come with a detailed description of the energy/meaning of the current new/full moon and how it relates to your chart.  You can check out my testimonials here

This is not a one-size-fits-all. Every prescription is unique 🤍.  Spots are limited to 33 per cycle (every 2 weeks)

I will be offering new moon & full moon prescriptions for $33 for a limited time.  


2020 Moon calendar:

  • September 17: New moon
  • October 1: Full moon
  • October 16: New moon
  • October 31: Full moon
  • November 14: New moon
  • November 30: Full moon
  • December 14: New moon
  • December 29: Full moon